Legende HA cashew optical sorter

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Legende HA cashew optical sorter

Single belt mode

Tailored 4-perspective optical design for cashewsorting. 360° surrounding detection to minor testa.

High Capacity Up to 5t/h

Designed for sorting cashew nuts, Lauffer’s innovative 4-perspective horizontal sorters present a superior sorting performance, with higher accuracy of identification especially to minor cashew testa that the regular 2-perspective sorters struggle to defect.

Adherence to Food Safety and High Quality

No Mercy to Imperfect Nuts

Removing cashew testa (cashew husk), insect damages, black spots, brown spots, dark spots, scorched cashews, split cashews, cashew pieces, etc.

No Mercy to Foreign Material

Removing glass, stones, metals, plastic, paperboard, cigarette butts, etc.

AI Deep Learning Algorithms

Innovative simulation of manual grading operation by teaching and training the intelligent sorter all the features of classification according to the basic standards in the cashew industry.


lA new level of cashew nuts sorting due to Lauffer's innovative 4-perspective scanning design achieving a 360 degree surrounding detection.

l15-inch touch screen panel and intuitive HMI for easy and simple operation.

lAdvanced Full Color Camera Inspection System together with superior AI Deep Learning algorithm, 4-in-1 detection by color, size, shape and texture, with greatly improved rejection precision and loss of good cashew nuts.

lHigher intensity LED illumination system for better detection of defects and contaminants in various cashew nuts.

lLong-life and high-speed ejectors designed and produced in-house, ensuring the performance, the serviceability and the sustainability.


Belt Width


Air Nozzle

Air Pressure


Air Consumption








Unpacked Weight


Single-belt Mode HA4 1200 256 0.6~0.8 <2.4 220/60 5.6 3848×2061×1984 1480
Double-belt Mode
HAD4 1200 512 0.6~0.8
<4.1 220/60
8.8 3590×2170×2724