Luft VF waste glass sorter

Air Nozzle:
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         Smart sorting by color, shape and transparency. Proprietary low-e glass recovery technology.

        Based on the specific requirements of waste glass industry, Lauffer has developed the professional, efficient 

        and sustainable optical sorting solution for glass recovery.

        Powered by the unique capabilities of identification by color, brightness, transparency, shape and material, 

        Luft Waste Glass Optical Sorter can be used for efficient removal of undesired glass in different color or type 

        as well as the contaminants such as CSP (ceramics, stones & porcelain), glass ceramics, metals and plastics, 

        ensuring a high-quality purification of glass cullet to achieve the added value of recycling.



lPowerful Full Color Camera Inspection System

Efficient recognition by color, brightness, transparency, shape and material of waste glass cullet due to Lauffer’s advanced Full Color Camera Inspection System

lSuperior AI Deep Learning Algorithm

Innovative simulation of manual picking operation by teaching and training the intelligent glass sorter all the standards and features of identification and sorting

lAdvanced Optical Design

Waste glass recovery rises to a new level due to Lauffer’s exclusive design for glass sorting with optimized scanbox integrated with tailored sensors and sorting algorithms

lEnhanced LED Lighting System

Higher intensity LED Illumination System for better detection of the characteristics and features of glass cullet and contaminants

lPowerful and Reliable Ejection System

Long-life and high-speed ejectors designed and produced in-house, ensuring the performance, the serviceability and the sustainability



Air Nozzle

Air Pressure


Air Consumption






Unpacked Weight




VF4 4 64 0.6~0.8 >2.6 220/50 2.4 1500


6 96 0.6~0.8
>4.0 220/50 3.5 1930