Donar non-ferrous metal X-ray sorter

Air Nozzle:
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       Sorting aluminum fractions out from heavy metals, with high throughput and purity, 

          ready for furnace.

        Donar X-ray sorter can be used in the recovery and purification of aluminum scraps.

        Combined with Lauffer’s advanced Dual Energy X-ray Transmission (XRT) technology and superior AI Deep 

        Learning algorithms, it can efficiently distinguish the aluminum fractions from the heavy metals (such as 

        copper, brass, zinc, stainless steel, etc.) in the mixed non-ferrous scraps according to their atomic density to 

        achieve the ready-to-furnace aluminum scraps.

        Furthermore, the purification of wrought aluminum fraction from the cast aluminum fraction in the mixed 

        aluminum scraps is now available to create more values and profits for the worldwide non-ferrous metal 

        scrap processors.



         Advanced Dual Energy XRT

        Accurate identification of aluminum fraction in the mixed non-ferrous metal scraps and efficient separation 

        from the heavy metals by atomic density, shape, thickness, texture, etc.

        Superior AI Deep Learning Algorithm

        Innovative simulation of manual picking operation by teaching and training the intelligent X-ray sorter all the 

        standards and features of identification and sorting.

        Flexible and Reliable Ejection System

        High-speed and powerful ejectors designed and produced in-house ensure the flexibility and compatibility to 

        the sorting requirements of both 10-30mm and 30-80mm.

        Higer throughput and more choices

        Available in three belt widths (1200mm/1800mm/2800mm) with broad range of sorting capacity from 8-28 t/h, 

        meeting the different requirements of various non-ferrous metal scrap processing lines.

Model Donar1200 Donar1800
Belt Width (mm)
1200 1800 2800
Air Nozzle
202 304 468
Sorting size (mm)
10~80 10~80
Throughput (t/h)
6~16 10~28
Air consumption (m3/min)
15 20 25
Power (kw)
12 15 22
Dimension (mm)
Unpacked Weight (t)
5.8 8.0 15.0